Arduino Programming for absolute Beginners in 2018: The Ultimate Guide

Arduino Programming For Beginners

If you are new to Arduino and have no prior knowledge of programming, then this “ Arduino Programming for absolute Beginners in 2018: The Ultimate Guide ” is for you only. In this post you will learn everything you need to know about Arduino programming in order to build those mind-boggling projects. This detailed guide is filled with examples, so you can grab the concepts more clearly.

What is Arduino?

Arduino is an Italy based company that manufactures Microcontroller boards called Arduino Boards which are used in many electronics and day to day applications around the world.

Arduino is one of the most popular Microcontroller based Development Board on Earth since many Electronics hobbyists and students from all over the world use Arduino Boards in their day to day projects. One of the key reasons for Arduino being so popular is that it is Open Source Software and Open Source Hardware-based Board.

One of the factors that separate Arduino from all the other Microcontroller boards out there is its community of thousands of users. Queries, Projects, and questions are posted daily on the Internet by its community members. Checkout: Arduino forum


Why go for Arduino?

As already mentioned Arduino is:

A) Open Source Software: You can alter the software or code according to your need or can design an entirely new environment for Arduino without any software copyright issue.

B) Open Source Hardware: You can change the Hardware circuitry of Arduino boards according to your need or can design an entirely new  Hardware system on Arduino without any Arduino Hardware copyright issue.

C) Large Community of Thousands of users.

This is answered best in Quora:  Why is Arduino so popular?


Types of Arduino Boards:

Since there are so many applications and areas where Microcontroller board like Arduino Can be used, it is impossible to fit all features in one type of Arduino Board. Hence there are many types of Arduino boards available in the market according to application and user’s need.

Some of the popular Arduino Boards are listed below:

1. Arduino UNO